Finish Line Promo Codes and Lacoste: A New European-American Partnership

written by: Sue Hathaway

To talk about fashion in sportswear is quite a challenge, as for years we have equated sportswear with functionality and performance alone and nothing else. Looks and appearances have been not so important, even though some sports shoe brands have made a commendable effort to make their products look quite appealing. So when I discovered that Lacoste was starting its line of runway clothes earlier this year, I was really very surprised. Talk about my wonder when I saw some of their new fashion statements making way into commercial stores in Europe. Quite bold and yet elegant, they make the functional look sexy and admirable. Even though Lacoste is primarily a man's brand, women account for 20% of their sales every year.

Last year Lacoste's first runway collection was designed by Felipe Olivera Baptista. Since they wecupe such a big hit, they are going to keep up with this new improvement that has brought a fresh feel to the Lacoste brand. While this company has been primarily based in Europe, it has been focusing most of its marketing strategies in the US, mainly because of the high sales they get there every year. Since I had decided to write an interesting piece on Lacoste's new fashion collection, I decided to do my research and find out how easy it would be for people in the US to access them. If I ever find myself in the US, I know the surest place to get the latest Lacoste releases is at, which is the leading retailer that hosts Lacoste's sports and active wear for men, women and children.

Lacoste: A Brief History Lesson

Lacoste started out as a French company that focused on manufacturing high end clothes, eyewear, perfume and polo shirts in the year 1933. It quickly became a famous brand among the fashionable elite. The founder was none other than René Lacoste, who was known as the 'Crocodile' for his tenacity on the tennis court. Hence, the logo was fashioned after him. In the year 2012, the Swiss family Maus Frères bought Lacoste. Lacoste, a member of France's Davis Cup Team, initially started by selling "petit piques" shirts for a small group of elite sportsmen. These shirts were made of mesh materials that absorbed sweats and were perfect to wear in the American courts. This style became very popular in public, so the idea was carried forward and the company was brought into existence. Lacoste was known as one of the most tenacious players from the Four Musketeers of French tennis. When he retired from his game in the year 1936, he started focusing more on his company in Paris which was called "La Chemise Lacoste".

Actually, his idea to wear these revolutionary shirts came from Marquis de Cholmondeley. However, history reports that polo shirts were worn during sports by British polo players in India and England. And John Brooks, grandson of the founder of Brooks Brothers emulated this style in the US as well. Rene Lacoste died in St. Jean-Luz in 1996 Since then on, Lacoste's shirts have been famous worldwide, with its sales reaching an all time high in the US. Many retailers like the Bloomingdales, Macy's and others keep Lacoste in their stores at all times, but Finish Line ( really does credit to this brand in a way you won't experience elsewhere.

Finish Line

Finish Line has about 660 stores in 47 states in the US and hosts premium quality brands in different styles. While it does focus on selling sportswear that are fashionable today, they mainly sell high quality sports wear like garments, accessories and shoes which are top notch in terms of their performance. With a great stock performance (source), Finish Line has expanded and succeeded over the years under the smart leadership of its Director Head, Mr. Gurwitz. He has been the Director of the company since the year 2009, and he had worked previously as an advisor to Emmis Communications Corporation that owns and operates radio stations in Europe and the US.

Finish Line hosts a huge collection of shoes for boys and girls. Not only are they highly durable and strong, but they make the perfect addition to a kid's wardrobe.

The Boys Preschool Lacoste Europa Casual Shoes are always a big favourite. The Men's Lacoste Europa NTE Casual Shoes are also a big hit.

Finish Line Coupons

All of these products are available at Finish Line stores. You can also go online at and buy these products at a discount.  Just look for a Finish Line promo code 2016. This is why Finish Line store is so popular. It allows people to buy high quality gear, apparel and shoes at affordable prices by using the exciting coupons. For now, people can manage to get the best for the Pre-Christmas sale by getting $10 off for their $100 purchase. They can also get $15 off for $150 and more! People who are buying from Finish Line online will be thrilled to know that they can get free shipping for orders worth more than $50!

Finish Line is truly remarkable for having brought Europe's leading, high quality brand Lacoste to every single customer in the US. With Finish Line by its side, no wonder Lacoste has been able to change the fashion style in sports wear in the US so easily!