We live in an age where information and staying abreast of a fast-changing modern landscape is the driving force behind many world economies. Europe, for that matter, is one of the leading business and political hubs upon which the axis of the world's political and technological advancements revolves. However, not many news agencies dedicate their undivided resources to covering, unearthing and highlighting the latest happenings in Europe, be it in the entertainment, business, social or political scene.

Thus, to bridge this gap, we came up with a comprehensive, all-rounded and reputable online site where our avid followers can catch a detailed glimpse of latest events and incidents in the European spectrum. Our aim is to keep you informed, entertained and more importantly, to shed light on the story-behind-the-main-story.

Our mission, to ensure that no occurrence passes you without our in-depth, expert analysis, is bolstered by a team of dedicated and seasoned news professionals, which includes;

Enrique E. Tilley

Gary is an established journalist with decades of spiraling experience under his belt. He has reported and written for more than half-a-dozen newspapers around the globe and a major national news agency. Besides, his long career is studded with the many accolades and awards he has collected in the course of his journalism travails.



Sue Hathaway

Sue has been blogging and writing editorial columns for the better part of her 12-year career in the journalism circles. And while at it, she has scooped numerous prestigious awards including an array of Blogger Of The Year accolades. Also, in her formative years, she was nominated severally for the Upcoming Inspirational Young Blogger Award. Before she joined our team, she had a couple of blogs with a respectable following under her name.


Mark Zurich
Creative, savvy and suave, Mark is a legend when it comes to reporting anything touching the EU affairs. Having been born and raised in the heart of London, Mark earned his Bachelor's degree in Oxford, before scaling the ladder for his Masters in Yale's graduate class. Since 2003, he had traveled the world and seen it all before finally deciding to set base in Madrid where he worked for several EU news agencies.


Trevor Lee

An expert behind camera lenses, Trevor is a culmination of a classic story of a passionate photographer who worked his way from beneath the shadows to the front row, winning awards in the process. Although he started out as a freelance photographer, Trevor has carved out a name for himself in the journalism realm through epic shots that have gained an audience in leading stock photo agencies such as Getty Images.