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EurosEU advisory group on tax havens provokes anger
Every year European governments lose €1tn as a result of tax dodging, but the EU cannot deal with the issue properly if it invites organisations with conflicts of interest onto its advisory group, writes Pascoe Sabido

TurkeyTurkey's tolerant protests: a window into the future?
The demonstrators in Turkey are of different political backgrounds, lifestyles, and identities and have displayed an untypical level of tolerance that could have far-reaching consequences, write Emiliano Alessandri and Özgür Ünlühisarcıklı

CroatiaNo honeymoon as Croatia and EU tie the knot
When it joins the EU next month Croatia will immediately be presented with both challenges and opportunities – how it responds could help determine the future of the bloc's enlargement policy in the Balkans, writes Corina Stratulat

World tradeG8 can show way forward on global trade
To avoid irrelevance the G8 could become a substitute for the failed Doha negotiations, based on the major potential trade deals that most participating countries are already involved in, writes Jim Kolbe

Rafa Sanudo cartoon - IranEU's myopic policy on Iran needs serious work
Although the EU has performed well in leading international nuclear negotiations, it is unprepared for sudden changes in Iran - such as military attack - warns Dr Cornelius Adebahr

Http internet textThe EU must safeguard net neutrality
If you compromise the principal of net neutrality, you undermine the very openness and entrepreneurialism that has made the internet what it is today - warns Paul Meller

SmokingIllegal tobacco trade demands EU-level response
European-level measures designed to stamp out tobacco smuggling are welcome as part of wider efforts to reduce the prevalence of smoking – with Scotland's bid to be tobacco-free by 2034 among the most ambitious targets, writes Ian Hudghton

Rafa Sanudo cartoon - EU democratic deficitWithout improved democratic legitimacy, the EU could 'unravel'
Few voters are aware of the European Parliament's work and many of them are sceptical that MEPs represent their interests because a lot of MEPs have little connection to national political systems - writes Charles Grant

US flagEU-US free trade deal threatens public interest and democracy
Leaked draft versions of the EU negotiating mandate for transatlantic trade negotiations contain dangerous new rights for corporations, warns campaigner Pia Eberhardt

DollarsThe 'Great Recession' and the dangers of big banks
With a smaller number of firms holding a larger percentage of assets, an oligopolistic marketplace is able emerge - whereby large banks are considered 'too big to fail' – warns Harvard professor F. M. Scherer

Rafa Sanudo cartoon - EU gravy trainEU regulations holding back continent's economic recovery
Rather than requesting public sector investment or tax relief, business leaders want to focus on the inflexibility of some regulations when it comes to labour markets and investment opportunities – says Bruno Lanvin

Rafa Sanudo cartoon - EU and US FTAWorld rapidly becoming a 'noodle bowl' of free trade agreements
The unwanted consequences of a proliferation of FTAs could hinder their stimulating properties, creating high transaction costs for businesses – warns Maya Rostowska

Viktor OrbanThe romance between Germany and Hungary may be over
The only reason why Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was treated as part of the EU mainstream was because of German Chancellor Angela Merkel – says Dariusz Kalan

Turkish flagProtests in Turkey are 'tremendous democratic advance'
The utter absence of the military from protests against the government party and a lack of desire from the public to see them involved signals a tremendous democratic advancement in Turkey – argues Ziya Meral

Recep Tayyip ErdoganTurkish population pulled between west and religious doctrine
Young people see themselves entrapped between western modernity and Recep Tayyip Erdogan's neo-Islamic and rather authoritarian policy – writes Professor Vassilis K. Fouskas

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