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ChildA blueprint to tackle child abuse across international borders
Studies suggest that 10 to 20 per cent of European children will suffer some form of sexual abuse when growing up – it is time for the EU to take action, writes Mary Honeyball MEP

Vladimir PutinLeadership comparisons between Erdogan, Thatcher and Putin
Once political leaders start to believe in their own absolute power beyond the will of the people, they are destined to fall – suggests Professor Bulent Gokay

Julian AssangeLike Assange before him, Snowden is no 'whistleblowing hero'
Like Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden has managed to manipulate public opinion to provide a media story against the spooks doing valuable work - claims Professor Anthony Glees

Rafa Sanudo cartoon - PRISMPRISM close to Orwell's 'big brother' where liberty is denied
In George Orwell's novel 1984, the omnipresent monitoring of people's communications and even 'thought crimes' came to symbolise the dangers of government overreach – we must avoid such a scenario - writes Guy Verhofstadt MEP

Computer keyboard'White hat' hackers are vital to internet security
Some hackers identify vulnerabilities - serving as the internet's immune system – but new EU legislation fails to recognise their value, argues Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP

Nigel FarageUKIP hits back after criticism of low attendance in EP
Representatives of UKIP prefer to focus on YouTube, grassroots campaigning and media appearances rather than spending all of their time in the European Parliament – says John Tennant

Digital and binary dataThe European response to PRISM must be protecting privacy
The alleged benefits offered by programmes like PRISM are eclipsed by the pitfalls and dwarfed by the damage they do to society – claims Andy Halsall

Mary Honeyball MEPDespite progress in last 100 years, 'sexism' still rife
We have not completely moved on from a sexist society even 100 years after Emily Wilding Davison's death - argues Mary Honeyball MEP

Chris CrawfordVideo games industry puts on its serious face
So-called 'serious games' designed to educate, inform and even improve players' health look set to become an important part of an industry that is usually focussed on pure entertainment – Daniel Mason reports from the E-Virtuoses trade show in France

Plane landingAirlines considering discriminatory pricing on flights
A new international system of pricing could leave some customers paying more than others for the same flight - reveals Claude Moraes MEP

Robert MugabeZimbabwe revisits its 'ugly past' of violence and intimidation
The interference by the military and other security forces in Zimbabwe's political and electoral affairs - in support of President Robert Mugabe and his political party ZANU-PF – remains a problem, says Dewa Mavhinga

Mega truckThe rise of the mega trucks in Europe
The proposed introduction of mega trucks across the EU would result in fatalities, road wear, congestion and pollution – warns Mike Nattrass MEP

Bee close-upPesticides are a 'dead end' for bees and the environment
Despite aggressive lobbying and intimidation from the private sector, Europe must stand firm on the use of pesticides or watch whole ecosystems perish – warns Bart Staes MEP

Angola and CongoAngola and Congo: the 'cycle of violence'
In the border areas many issues concerning oil, mines, trafficking of diamonds and - even worse - humans are part of the reality of everyday life, writes François Fille

Kim Jong UnInternational community must help North Korean defectors
North Korean defectors, who have staked their lives on escape to freedom, deserve the world's help - claims Phil Robertson

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