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NATOIs patience with NATO wearing thin in Western Balkans?
A bit of transparency, accountability and fairness in NATO's accession process for Western Balkan nations would go a long way to cementing the alliance's reputation in the region, writes Kacper Rekawek

Crime scenceTurmeric: a new ingredient in crime solving
The main ingredient of the spice turmeric can be used to enhance and lift fingerprints, and help gather intelligence about a suspect, writes Dr Simona Francese

Greece riotsPeace in Europe dented by economic crisis
Europe is still the most peaceful region in the world but its standing has taken a knock as a consequence of the eurozone crisis, which has led to an increase in the prospect of violent demonstrations and political instability, a study finds

David CameronCameron warns against quitting EU 'top table'
David Cameron will today say that Britain's membership of the EU is in the national interest and warn against 'hiding away from the world'

DataUS scandal shows EU needs 'highest standards' on data privacy
Revelations that US intelligence services have access to personal user information stored on the servers of major internet companies should be taken into account in EU negotiations over a transatlantic free trade agreement, a group of MEPs says

European Commission building in BrusselsEU commissioners attend 'secret' Bilderberg summits on expenses
If European commissioners attend the Bilderberg 'shadow world government' events at the taxpayers' expense, doesn't the public have a right to know what goes on behind the closed doors? Justin Stares dissects the commissioners' latest expenses claims, including first-class flights

Solar panelsSainsbury's, solar panels and the EU-China trade war
The British retail giant has been drawn into what some fear could be the first exchange in a Sino-European trade war, writes Justin Stares

Rafa Sanudo cartoon - EU gravy trainAre EU officials overpaid and over-privileged?
A wave of hatred is washing over Europe's civil service, reports Justin Stares after witnessing unions and MEPs sling mud at each other in the European Parliament

EurozoneLawson hits out at financial transactions tax
The financial transactions tax being pursued by 11 EU countries is a 'perverse and unacceptable' attack on the City of London, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Lawson says

FishEU closes in on major fisheries reform
The Irish presidency and the European Parliament reach a 'historic' deal on long-awaited reforms to the Common Fisheries Policy to make it sustainable

PassportsEU takes UK to court over migrant benefits
The European Commission will pursue legal action against the UK over an alleged failure to correctly assess migrants' benefit entitlements, it is reported

European Health Insurance CardEuropean health insurance system is 'on the verge of collapse'
Tourists travelling to the Mediterranean this summer should be aware that Europe's 40-year old public healthcare insurance scheme is close to breaking point, writes Justin Stares

Jose Manuel BarrosoEU allows extra time for deficit reduction
A number of major EU economies, including Spain and France, are given additional time to meet their deficit targets by the European Commission, which urges 'greater urgency' in implementing reforms

Car production lineEurope's automotive industry in deep trouble
If Europe's car manufacturers are a bellwether for the economy at large, things are not looking good as the number of new vehicles purchased plummets - writes Justin Stares

William HagueEU divided as Syria arms embargo lifted
The EU's ban on supplying weapons to rebel forces in Syria will not be renewed when it expires at the end of this month – after talks in Brussels ended in victory for the British and French position

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