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Complacency Growing over Eurozone Recovery

As the remainder of the European elite finally return to work this year – long after the average person started back in the office – it is clear that any sense of urgency about tackling the eurozone crisis has now long gone. Buoyed by the Nobel Peace Prize award, complacency has set it. The great and the good now believe we are over the worst and that rapid economic recovery is not too far away on the horizon.

Eurozone Crisis Still Threatens "Economic Paralysis"

The Eurozone crisis could yet reignite and cause "economic paralysis" if governments give in to anti-austerity protests and fail to bring public finances under control, the World Economic Forum said today, as it warned that the fragile global economy was distracting from critical long-term challenges.

EU Leaders End 2012 on a High

Greece was handed an early Christmas present last night by Standard & Poor's, when it increased the country's credit rating by six notches from selective default to B- with a stable outlook. It came after the successful completion of a debt buyback by the Greek government and the Eurogroup's decision to release the latest €34.3bn installment of bail-out loans. Greece's finance minister Yannis Stournaras said the upgrade created a "mood of optimism" while recognising that "we still face a long uphill course ahead".

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